Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The utilty of Braindumps

This has been a raging question which has plagued most of the people who have to take certification exams. The value of braindumps is debatable. Most of them are plagued by wrong answers and stupid explanations. And you should expect this, coz the answers are written by people who passed their certification exams using similar means. But at the same time they do contain actual exam questions, which might help a lot. For exams such as CCNA, it is quite difficult to pass without a braindump. The passpercentage is 84.9% which is disgutingly high for a exam of that complexity. So braindumps are a standard tool for such exams. But all Sun exams have a very reasonable pass percentage. So you can expect to pass easily. If you are any good. Moreover the exams as SCJP test more of your skills than mugged up knowledge. In that area braindumps wont help you much. There is a term called paper certification. You just buy a book and braindumps and cram information in the night. Wake up, give the exams and get a certification. Such certification is not going to help much in the job market. If you have some certification, you have to back it up with skills, or you end up looking very stupid in the interviews. So I would suggest not to use a braindump for Sun exams in general, and SCJP in particular. But if you are giving CCNA, braindumps can be quite useful. Ok! Confession time(I hope no one is looking...). I did use braindumps for my CCNA exams.


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